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  • Sunday
    9:30am Sunday school
    10:25-10:45 am Fellowship break
    10:45am Worship Service
  • Friday Evening
    7:00-8:30pm Bible Studies (all ages)


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Arise& Build


Our congregation is going through an exciting time.  The Lord has blessed us with steady growth since we started, but especially lately.  He has brought together people who have tired of the hollow, disappointing promises of the world and who are seeking the Truth in the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, together with the knowledge and peace that they bring.

In 1997, we purchased a 10-acre property on Soledad Canyon Road on which to build our own facility.  We obtained our Conditional Use Permit in 2001 and were able to break ground on the property in 2006.  In May, 2013 we finally received complete building permits. At this time, we have completed the rough grading of the property and a water retention system. Our construction plans are phased and are being completed as funds are available.

Our goal is the development of a beautiful and well-planned place of worship.  The facility will be large enough to accommodate our present size and future growth.

A facility of our own will also bring together under one roof the many programs about which you have just read.  Further, it will give us the ability to start other programs to further our ministries of helping others and bringing God’s Word to our community.

We thank you for joining us for your visit and for taking the time to read about our church and the wonderful people and exciting things with which the Lord has blessed us.  We look forward to worshiping with you and your family again and to welcoming you as a member of our church family at a future time.