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Creation Thought – Part 5

Whale DiagramAnother category of evidence that is often used by evolutionists to claim that evolution is a fact is the belief in vestigial organs.  Vestigial organs are “left over” or useless organs.  The idea is that our ancestors evolved certain organs that they needed, but after millions of years of evolution, our bodies no longer need them.  Scientists used to have a list of over 100 different vestigial organs.  Some examples that were commonly cited include the appendix, the tonsils, and the pituitary gland.

The latter is now known as “The Master Gland” because of its importance to the endocrine system.  What the appendix does is still not totally clear, but the latest research seems to indicate that it serves as a nursery or storehouse for good bacteria that are needed in our digestive systems.  It used to be quite common for doctors to remove children’s tonsils the first time they contracted tonsillitis.  Now, however, that is no longer done because we have discovered that tonsils are part of the immune system and help to combat pharyngeal and upper respiratory tract infections.

Likewise, all of the other organs once listed as vestigial have been found to be very useful in the human body.  The original list was simply based on ignorance.  That is, medi­cal science had not yet progressed to the point of discover­ing the uses of these organs.  The truth is, there are really no such things as vestigial organs.  God made us perfectly in the beginning, with no useless or inoperative parts.

– Bill Rogers

Originally printed in the Acton Faith Bible Church Pony Express. Vol. I, No. 06, September 2008. 



“Give ear and come to me, hear me, that your soul may live.”

– Isaiah 55:3