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Creation Thought - Part 9

Intelligent Design (ID) has become pretty popular in the last decade or two, but creationists have always believed in ID.  It used to be called Teleology.  Whatever you choose to call it, the idea is that the extreme complexity we see in nature argues very strongly for a Creator.  We all know that complex machines such as cars or computers require an intelligent designer and builder.  It’s absurd in the highest degree to imagine that your car came about by an accidental assemblage of various types of atoms.

Consider the human body.  Every organ in our bodies is incredibly complex and obviously designed for one or more specific purposes.  Your brain, for instance, contains around 100 billion neurons—specialized cells that are very different in form and function from muscle, skin, or bone cells.  As you read these words, electrochemical impulses enter your brain by means of the optic nerve.  That information is automatically compared to the millions of words, pictures, and many other things you have seen in the past, then interpreted so you can understand the meaning of what you are seeing now.  This all happens in a tiny fraction of a second.

The same is true for all sorts of other impulses that you constantly receive from other specialized neurons and organs.  For example, your ears change sound waves into electrochemical impulses constantly, but your brain has the ability to ignore nearly all of these inputs and focus on just one at a time such, as someone speaking to you in a noisy office.  Your brain also receives impulses from your muscles regarding balance, impulses from pain, temperature, and touch sensors throughout your body, impulses from your taste buds and olfactory nerves (smell sensors), etc.  Of course, your brain also sends out impulses so you can breathe, walk, pick things up, etc.  Could all this have accidentally evolved starting from one cell that mutated into the first neuron?  No way!

– Bill Rogers

Originally printed in the Acton Faith Bible Church Pony Express. Vol. II, No. 01, January 2009.


“Give ear and come to me, hear me, that your soul may live.”

– Isaiah 55:3